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Rapid Electric Vehicle Chargers

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Technology sure is amazing. Yes, Natosi is a solar company, but our fascination with the renewable energy movement doesn't end with solar panels.

In January of 2021, the company StoreDot announced that they have taken the first step toward producing a rapid electric vehicle (EV) charger. Th rapid charger prototype can provide a full charge in 5 minutes for a battery with a 100 mile range. For a deeper read, check out this article put out by the guardian.

The producer, StoreDot, describes their Flash Battery technology as the keystone to making electric vehicle a more reliable transportation method for folks who travel far distances and can't wait the hours it takes to fully recharge a battery.

Turns out, this does tie back to solar. EV's are getting quite popular and rapid charging stations will be essential to long journeys and charging just enough to finish a trip. However, charging at home will likely not go out of style, which is where the solar comes in. Having a personal fuel station, ie. a solar array, on the roof or in the yard has the advantage of fixing the price of fuel for years to come.

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